Back on the Road!

There hasn’t been a lot happening here. What with corona, too much work and finally getting covid myself, travel hasn’t been the prime motivator during the last year or so.

But now, I am finally heading out on the road again!

Tomorrow, February the 12th, I am flying to Faro in Portugal with my bicycle. From Faro, I intend to cycle to Farol do Cabo de Sao Vincente, where I will start riding the European Divide bikepacking route, naturally heading north.

The plan is to stay on the route until I get close to Barcelona in 5 weeks and then hopefully work with Fotoskolan Sthlm in Barcelona for 3 weeks. After that, I’m not sure what I will do. Continue cycling the European Divide, head back to Sweden to pick up my motorcycle, or go hiking in the Balkans. Plenty of options!

I’m doing some last-minute packing and planning today as I have been too busy to prepare up until now. Just hope I don’t forget too much stuff…


  1. Yay! Finally, freedom. Have an amazing time out there. I am envious of your ride, especially through Pt.
    One question, in the first photo, what is the gadget in the middle and how is it used?
    Travel well friend.

    1. Hi Terra!
      It is a superclamp, a photography tool that is used to clamp on to things to mount lights, cameras or accessories.
      It didn’t actually make it into the final pack!
      Great to be out again, even though I am feeling very unfit…

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