4 week update

4 weeks on the road, or trail to be more exact, and I am feeling a bit better than when I posted the 2-week update.


I wish I could say that my fitness has improved a lot, but it has at least improved a little bit. Lots of shorter days and many rest days have been needed. But any way you look at it, I am getting a little bit fitter each week. More importantly, I am enjoying the cycling more and am more and more leaning towards continuing along the European Divide Bikepacking Trail for at least a couple of months more. Something that I was very unsure I would feel when I posted the 2-week update!

So far I have covered 967 km according to Komoot, which is probably not more than 50% of what I was hoping/expecting to do in this amount of time. Still, I have to realistic and have to be gentle with myself in the beginning. Especially if I am going to have any chance of doing a lot of distance on the European Divide. I need to build up my fitness and be careful with my worse knee (those of you that have followed me before know that I have one bad knee and one worse!)

But the trail and the experience has been great so far. Lots of interesting and beautiful scenery and towns. If you are considering doing this part of the trail, I would recommend a slightly later start, as it can get a bit cold this time of the year, especially in the coming sections that are at a higher altitude. My 4-week break for work is coming at the perfect time. Hopefully, it will be just a little bit warmer when I return to continue up into the mountains.

If everything works out tomorrow, I will be leaving Betty (the bike) here in Cazorla with a Warmshowers host and can head off towards Granada for a few days before I have to make my way to Barcelona for work. I plan to make some changes to my equipment if I can and just generally get a little bit better organized. It always takes a few weeks before you start to get a hang of how you want your stuff to be packed to make it easy to access.

But I’ll post updates both here and on Instagram during the coming weeks and I am already looking forward to being back on the trail in a month!


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