European Divide Bikepacking Trail Stage 5: Cazorla to Balazote

Stage 5 was great. It was excellent to be back on the trail after many weeks of work and because I had the patience to wait a few extra days, I actually got to enjoy most of the stage in good weather. Something that has been in short supply here in Spain so far this year.

Still very much working very slowly on building my fitness and there are plenty of short days and rest days still ahead. But then, I am not in any hurry, the longer the journey, the more the fun!



  1. Mats, nice video and thanks for the impressions of the rougher parts. So itโ€™s true what some people wrote, one has to walk some sections.
    May I point it would make your video edit more interesting if you use the 360 capabilities a bit more and shift perspective on the downhill takes.
    A pity your drone made it to the angels.

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